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Specialty Show 2020
15.08.2020 - Specialty show

Specialty Show of the Bulldog Club of Finland 2020

Saturday 15.8.2020 at Seinajoki, Finland
Lake of Kalajarvi
Address: Rantatie, 61100 Seinajoki, Finland

The show begins at 10 a.m.

Kim Kjaer (kennel Valby Bulldogs) ja Mille Baek (kennel Nosuch)
Reserve judge Helena Kosig.
Kim Kjaer: Dogs and ROP/BIS
Mille Baek: Bitches

Information about show or entries:
Marko Tuominiemi, Tel. +35850 4424 084 work days until 18-20 a clock and weekends until 11-20 a clock or vie email marko@bullsour.fi

Entries deadlines 22.6./20.7./27.7.2020

In the internet >>> Online entry

Entries by post until 22.6./20.7.2020 must be made on the >>Finnish Kennel Club entry form

Entry forms are sent to:
Marjo Hautaviita
Ahtiaisentie 98
61850 Kauhajoki As.

FI77 1012 5000 2163 93
Payment due to: Suomen Englanninbulldoggiyhdistys ry
Reference Number: 9001

Entries cannot be sent via fax or by email. When you enter your dog via the net entry, the entry fee will be paid with credit card. Please do NOT pay in advance. Follow the instructions given by the system. Please attach to the entry form a copy of the receipt for the payment if you haven’t used the online service. Also attach a copy of your dog’s pedigree, if the dog is registered outside the Nordic countries.

Entries from 27.7.2020 Online only.

» Online entry.

Entry fees by 22.6.2020
First dog 32 euros (catalogue included)
Same owner’s second dog 28 euros
Same owner’s third dog 24 euros
Small puppies 5-7 months 20 euros,
Puppies 7-9 months 20 euros
Veterans have free entry to the show in veteran class

Entry fees 23.6. – 20.7.2020
First dog 38 euros (catalogue included)
Same owner’s second dog 34 euros
Same owner’s third dog 30 euros
Small puppies 5-7 months 25 euros,
Puppies 7-9 months 25 euros
Veterans have free entry to the show in veteran class

Last entry (Online only) 21.7.-27.7.2020
All dogs 45 euros (catalogue included)
Veterans have free entry to the show in veteran class

Second dog discount only when entry is sent at same envelope or made using one online-entry, no discount if first dog is a puppy or veteran.

Baby class 5 - 7 months
Puppy class 7 – 9 months
Junior class 9 – 18 months
Intermediate class 15 – 24 months
Open class 15 months -
Champion class 15 months -
Veteran class 8 years –

Breeder’s class 4 dogs from the same breeder, dogs entering the class must be at least 9 months old
Progeny class 4 offsprings of the same dog, they must be at least 9 months old

The vaccination regulations as well as the anti-doping rules of the Finnish kennel Club are adapted at the show. Please note that all vaccinations, valid and previous, must be marked on dog’s Certificate of Vaccination (EU).


Welcome to our show to spend a nice day with the bulldogs!
The Bulldog Club of Finland Show Committee.

This show is sponsored by

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