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Bulldogs in Finland

There are approximately one thousand bulldogs in Finland. At the moment the breed is quite popular in our country. There were 220 bulldogs registered in Finland in 2007 and the breed was placed 66th on the most popular breed list.

There are about 20 more or less active bulldogs breeders in our country. Most of them belong to the Bulldog Club of Finland. However, we also have a problem with unregistered bulldog puppies being imported to our country and sold to people wanting to have their new puppy right away. Most of the unregistered bulldog puppies come from Eastern Europe.

The overall quality of bulldogs in Finland is quite satisfactory, most of our bulldogs have a sound body structure and sound movements. Respiratory problems are not very common. Breeders and bulldog enthusiasts are interested in maintaining the health of the breed and try to avoid breeding bulldogs with problematic body structure and breathing difficulties.

The bulldog is a popular breed in the show ring. Quite often bulldogs can be seen in the ring of honour. Our bulldogs have also had success at shows and we are proud of the breed doing so well; there are also bulldogs competeing in obedience and even agility!

There have been bulldogs in Finland since the late 1900th century. The Second World War also greatly affected breeding in our country. Several bulldogs were imported to Finland in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Our current breed population has roots in the UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, South Africa, Denmark, Estonia and Russia.

You can find more information about our bulldog population at the Dog Net database maintained by the Kennel Club of Finland.

Bulldogs in Finland
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